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SunSab | 22:19 Sun 29th Jul 2018 | Technology
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Can anyone advise what does one grey tick mean in whatsapp ? their phone rings on whatsapp but goes to answerphone on normal call....?


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One tick means the message was succesfully sent.
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that doesnt answer the question
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but the phone rings on whatsapp and goes to answer phone on normal call?
Yes it does. Ticks have nothing to do with phone calls.
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one tick means the phone was off, so why would the whatsapp call ring?
Ticks have nowt to do with phone calls as said above. Maybe the settings needs configuring.
As I understand it, one tick means the message has been sent but not yet received and two ticks means it has been received.

I would think that if the 'phone is dead or switched off, one tick will show until the 'phone is switched on again.
Will try again even though my first answer was correct .. sorry but the second two lines of your original post were a statement .. not a question.
If you are taking a call on your mobile phone and someone calls you on watsapp the call won't go through if you are using mobile data. If you are on a wifi network then your phone will ring for the call.
The person calling won't get any message whether you are talking to someone else or not. Hope that makes sense.
The question regarding the ticks has been answered in the first link.

With regards to the phone ringing - if you ring their phone on a normal call and it goes to answerphone, it could mean a few things; such as the other person is on a call and their settings are such that an incoming call diverts to answer phone .... or it could just be that their phone doesn't have a signal. Whatsapp uses the internet to make phone calls, so you could in theory have no phone signal but still have an internet signal (maybe connected to WiFi??), so you'd be unable to connect to them using a "normal" phone call; but they'd still be accessible by making a Whatsapp call.

Hope this makes sense :)

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