Why Am I Repeatedly Getting The "accept Cookies" Banner On This Site?

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diddlydo | 15:40 Thu 26th Jul 2018 | Technology
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This has only started today and it's more than irritating


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I agree. Most annoying. I clicked accept yet again and it shut me out until I signed in again. As soon as I signed in I had to accept cookies again.
There are two other threads on this, one in Editor's Blog. There's response from AB Editor on there.
It's covered in a lot of detail in the Privacy thread this afternoon on Editor's Blog.
I think it's had one positive effect- the spam posts on supplements that wer ecoming in every 5 minutes seem to have stopped a sthe spammers are getting fed up too
I never thought I'd feel empathy for the Ab Editor.
But I do.
Place has been crawling with spammers in the last hour or 2 FF.
It's getting worse!
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This is not about adverts though, Eddie.
Adverts plant their own cookies FF.
Agree to one, agree to all that follow.
As FF said, the problem with the banner repeatedly appearing is nothing to do with adverts.
I've just posted a response on the Editor's Blog thread chelle7272 linked to. In it are links to a couple of add-ons/extensions which should eliminate the need to accept cookies for most sites, including AB.

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Why Am I Repeatedly Getting The "accept Cookies" Banner On This Site?

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