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Lurcher100 | 14:54 Fri 13th Jul 2018 | Technology
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Opinions on smart meters? I live alone, don't use much energy as scared to heat house in winter, gas c/h, also are they trustworthy as newish technology. What if dispute? Thanks in advance.


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Can't see the point of them, just turn heater/cooker off to use less electricity, don't need a meter to tell you what to do, i'm not sure but don't they require internet connection too?
I also don't see the point in them.
I leave a room - I turn the light off.
I go out - I'll turn TV, lights, etc off.
I don't need a smart meter to tell me if I'm wasting electric or not; I use common sense :)
well it does save reading your own meter which some people seem incapable of and that's about all. i know what and when i'm using electric ( i don't have gas ) i have to have one as i am now on a new contract that i'm required to have one installed, not bothered i'm not paying for it
If you have a large family and need to monitor who has turned on what and left it running then I can see it might be a good idea. I live alone and if I have turned something on then its because I want it on. Currently they are limited to the provider who installed it so it makes it harder to switch energy provider.
It will also tell you in real time exactly how much your bill is which some people find very useful.
Also useful if you are physically unable to read your own meter and/or dislike letting meter readers in to your house.
Work of the devil. Puts control into the hands of the commercial companies and authorities and leaves you vulnerable. No value, all risk.
In general, most of the promoters of having smart meters installed are energy companies. That should tell us something. It is in the interests of the energy companies that consumers have smart meters installed, and therefore it is not in the interests of the consumers.
Haven't got one, don't want one, perfectly able to read my own meter. A friend of mine has one and she now regrets it !
It is the government that is insisting on it, bookbinder, and the energy companies have no choice but to promote them.

"The government requires energy companies to install smart meters for their customers, and has set out rules to ensure that they do this in a way that is in the interests of consumers, including rules around:

data access and privacy
technical standards for the smart metering equipment
meeting the needs of vulnerable consumers
Smart meters will be rolled out as standard across the country by the end of 2020. But there is no legal obligation on you to have one."
derek-33 'i have to have one as i am now on a new contract that i'm required to have one installed, not bothered i'm not paying for it.'

That's what they told you but it's not true. I went online to renew my contract but it wouldn't let me do it unless I agreed to have a smart meter. I rang them and got the deal I wanted, without having one!
just moved house...had smart meter put in cant see any problems with it to be honest..
With Smart Meters the energy companies can control the supply on an individual basis (e.g. cut you off at the flick of a remotely-controlled switch). If you trust them in this respect not to serve their own interests as opposed to yours, then by all means install one. I wouldn't have one anywhere near my premises.
I did have one for a while, no longer, and it was terrifying how the dial spun round when I boiled a kettle. Made me really think.
But won’t be opting for another one.
I refused to have one.

Having worked in tech all my life I know how easily the data can be misused.
I do have my own 'owl' for the leccy though. That does nt connect to the internet and the data is purely for my consumption.
The ugly part about these smart meters is microwave radio frequency emission. It is mainly used for the communication purpose between smart meters and other electronic gadgets but this could leads to health problems like cancer, dna damage, heart problems etc. This is the most serious disadvantage about smart meters and lot of agitation is going on in most of the places............Source of info :-

Canary, whether you have a smart meter or not the energy cannot cut off your supply except in a national emergency, by order of a court because you haven't paid your bills or for urgent essential repairs or with notice, planned repairs.

Apart from that, they want you to spend money and you can't do that if they've cut you off!
I have pre-paid meters, have done since I moved here but when I changed companies I no longer have to be physically at home to pop in key/card etc... I can top up over Phone, on line or take card to the shop and be on my way. Also can see when they do need topping up at a glance. So mines handy for my purposes but other than those reasons if paying quarterly for eg.. I wouldn't see much point.
I read somewhere today that at least one company are offering a reduced tariff if you have a smart meter.
I'm still not having one!

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