Seems To Take A Long Time To Open Websites

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Samuraisan | 16:05 Tue 10th Jul 2018 | Technology
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My computer is new, one month or so old, my internet broadband speed is very good, but these last few days it seems to take too long to open websites. I have cleared my history, caches and cookies, but doesn't seem to have helped much. Windows 10. Any suggestions?


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Your history, caches and cookies are like Hansel and Gretal crumbs which leat the Webster’s straight to your computer so by clearing them all you’re making it harder for the sites and your computer to find each other.
Start by trying a different browser. (Even if you've absolutely no intention of permanently switching to a different browser, trying a different one will help you to find out whether the problem lies with your current browser or somewhere else).

It might also be worth trying a different DNS server but let's take one step at a time and check out your browser first.
i agree with Buenchico, you would be suprised, for me firefox x64 bit works for me, chrome is also ok, there are many others, install a few try them out, them uninstall the ones you do not like or find slow.
do a virus scan and malwarebytes scan
If you are in North America, here's what happened:
If they slow you down enough you might spend more for "fast Internet".

Switching to a Google DNS server [redundant] seemed to help.
Then again, it could be just the heat. Everyone I know is complaining about the slowness.

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Seems To Take A Long Time To Open Websites

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