Annoying Requests To Accept Cookies

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Dodger666 | 14:30 Tue 10th Jul 2018 | Technology
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Why I am being asked to accept cookies every time I visit the same website even if I have accepted them previously? It's getting so I have to accept cookies every day, sometimes more than once a day, from the same websites.


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All to do with GDPR I think.
It may have something to do with the new Data Protection Laws, but I agree, it is a pain in the aris.
If you clear your cookies you will get this every time you revisit a site.
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I am aware it's to do with the new privacy laws but is it necessary every time you visit a website?

I don't clear my cookies but the same websites keep asking me to accept them every time I visit. I know it's no big deal it's just annoying. I have now started to ignore the request if I know I have already accepted them from a particular website.
I get it every time I go onto the Daily Mail site, (yes, I know I shouldn’t be reading the Mail).
I don’t clear cookies etc, so it’s very annoying having to deal with it every visit.
If you use Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Pale Moon as your browser you can install an extension that gets rid of all those annoying cookie messages:
Another one of those well intentioned but not thought out, or advised by those in the know, political schemes. No one can reasonably be expected to check everything, what's needed is a law on reasonable conditions to be imposed, to protect the citizen; what we get is more annoyance time after time as sites get a ticked box to claim they've explicit permission to do whatever they want. Insanity, I despair of those with the authority to pass this stuff.

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Annoying Requests To Accept Cookies

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