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Old_Geezer | 07:39 Sun 08th Jul 2018 | Technology
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I just wonder if my experience with this was normal. Couldn't watch the England v Sweden game live so on returning I used a NOW TV box to watch it. It loaded the BBC iPlayer app and streamed the game.

Is it normal to regularly watch a few seconds of play you've just seen, again like instant deja vu ? How about the commentator telling you what someone has just done before you see them do it ? (I reckon those commentators should put bets on.)

Alternatively is it a NOW TV box failure ?



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No, it's not a failure of your equipment, geezer. There's a technical name for it I'm sure, but there's a lag in transmission whatever format you are watching/listening to a Football match. So, if you had on the Radio/TV/Internet at the same time, I think you'd see a goal on the TV first, then the Radio would announce it and then the Internet would catch up.

A couple of weeks ago, when England played New Zealand in a Rugby League game in Denver recently, I was watching it on the PC and they were having the anthems. When I turned on the TV however, the game had kicked off and was about two minutes in.
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It wasn't really about live TV and Internet at the same time; the data was a single stream (sound & vision) from the BBC catch up at about 10pm.

I remember about 15 years ago there was a Sunday Times columnist in the Technical section called David Hewson. He said that all the hype and publicity surrounding Digital Media was a fallacy, as the sound has to be suppressed and and there is a delay in receiving the signal. He wasn't too keen on it at all. He very quickly disappeared from The Sunday Times but from what I've seen since, he was spot on.
Watching a Prem League game last season, home side 2-0 up and i logged on to my 365 account to put an 'in-play' bet on. Just as i was about to click 'place bet', betting was suspended and the scoreline '3-0' came up. I immediately looked up at my tv to see the home side score again. The internet had it before my tv.

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