How To Extend Internet Wireless Range

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RSDonovan | 19:58 Fri 08th Jun 2018 | Technology
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I have a Virgin fibre cable running into my living room and my laptop is connected to the Virgin-supplied Netgear Superhub with a Cat6 cable and I get the top speed 200 constantly on the 5G band. If I use the 5G signal wirelessly I get about half the wired speed on my iPad which is fine.

In the Hall, halfway between the Superhub and my bedroom, I have a Netgear wireless extender so I was expecting to get a great signal in my bedroom too.

In my bedroom (about 8 metres down the corridor, I generally can’t pick up the 5G signal on my iPad and have problems with the 2G signal in that it keeps dropping. When I first got the extender it seemed fine but I was on a much lower speed then.

The Netgear extender is a bit old (in computer terms!) and I thought maybe there is a new upgraded extender to handle a 200 5G signal in the same way that I had to get a Cat6 connector cable to get the 200 wired signal?

If not has anyone got any ideas of how I can get a better range from my Superhub?

Thanks in advance



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Forget doing everthing wirelesly and revert to using wired conections for part of the distance that your signals have got to travel.

No, I'm not sugggesting having long Ethernet cables all around the house (which wouldn't work anyway, because of the signal losses over long distances) but using your house's mains electricity circuit instead. Powerline adapters are more efficient than wi-fi extenders and effectively give you a router in every room where there's an adapter installed. You can then decide whether to connect your devices to the adapters via Ethernet cables or wirelessly.

Start here
and then click on the links at the end of the 'Create a new Powerline home network' section for further information and recommendations.

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How To Extend Internet Wireless Range

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