Setting Up Email On Iphone

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BJS | 20:44 Sat 02nd Jun 2018 | Technology
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Have just got my Phone connected to InterNet today but cannot get Maiil to work. My Provider is Plusnet. Can anyone Please help I'm 80 but over thelast 3 days feel like a 100.


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Is your email from plusnet or is it gmail or somebody else?

If you're not sure just tell us what comes after the @ in your email address.
How far do you get with . . .
(and what goes wrong when you try)?
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My email is from
Well, you've still not told us how far you get through Apple's instructions for setting upyour email (or where you go wrong with it), so we're struggling to help here.

Assuming that you can't get the automatic configuration to work, see the instructions under 'Set up your email account manually'.

If you're asked to choose between 'POP' or 'IMAP', select 'IMAP'.

If you need to enter the information for 'Incoming Server', type ''

If you're asked for the 'Outgoing Server', type ''

If you're asked to select an 'Outgoing Port', enter '587'

If you're asked whether 'SSL/TLS' should be enabled, select 'No'

If you're asked whether 'SMTP Authentication' should be enabled, select 'Yes'
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So sorry Buenchico but after sending my reply saying I was with Plusnet I switched off as felt brain dead. Switched on again about 1hr ago, had a quick go from your link, no joy,didn't even know of the Apple connection. I'll spend a little time on it tonight then if no joy have a do tomorrow but sorry again as you are a very helpful person.
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Eureka at last up and working

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Setting Up Email On Iphone

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