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sandbach99 | 13:51 Wed 02nd Nov 2005 | Technology
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New television needed, I am totally confused as to which is best ie plasma, LCD etc. Television is for an elderly lady, no video dvd etc. Expense not really a problem, but lives in a small bungalow therefore does not really want a huge screen. Help please!


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Although you say that 'expense is not really a problem', it's still worth remembering that LCD and plasma TV's can cost a great deal more than conventional (CRT) sets. They also have a fairly short life expectancy. (A friend of mine, also an elderly lady, currently has my portable TV on 'permanent loan'. It's 30 years old and still has a perfect picture. I don't think many plasma or LCD sets will manage even one third of that life without trouble!).

LCD and plasma sets may look smart but, to the average viewer, the picture isn't that much better and they still receive the same programs. (My 'TV' consists of a Freeview box connected up to an old Commodore computer monitor!)
Ideally, I'd suggest looking for an 'integrated' (i.e. with Freeview built in) CRT TV with something like a 20" or 21" screen but these can be hard to come by. (For some reason, manufacturers don't seem to believe that anyone who wants Freeview built-in would want a screen smaller than 28"!). As second best, I'd go for a CRT set from a decent manufacturer, such as this Toshiba set for �100 from Tesco mp;bci=284|Televisions
and then just throw in a Freeview box for an extra �40 or so.


Bearing in mind the small bungalow and the price not being an issue, I would go for a small LCD and bung it on the wall.

Any of these would do the job.

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