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zingo1327 | 14:59 Wed 16th May 2018 | Technology
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I have a brand new Canon pixma ip7250 printer. I try to print a 10"x8" photo of my grand-daughter and when I select print preview and then the landscape option it looks fine.(It looks fine in portrait mode as well)
When it prints I only get part of the photo on the glossy paper and the rest on a seperate sheet of plain paper. The photo file is a 10"x8"jpg. I select borderless printing, A4 paper size,best photo,best printing.
It's costing a fortune in glossy photo quality paper trying to rectify this problem. How do I get the whole photo on the one sheet of paper??
Any help welcome
thank you


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Somewhere in your Print Menu there should be facility to compress on to 1 sheet. Have a look in set up Print
Practice on plain paper before you use the expensive stuff.
Are you using 10 x 8 paper or A4?

Check the settings for the paper before you print.

Also check the orientation settings.
Check fit to page
You can also reduce the margins a fraction or reduce the image size a fraction.
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Hi guys,
I'm using A4 paper and I've maybe missled you. When I say it prints on 2 pages it's not that the first sheet is full.It only prints about half the width of the glossy paper before switching to the 2nd sheet
Which program are you printing from? (It's not uncommon for BOTH the settings in image viewing program itself AND the printer settings to need to be correctly configured).
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Hi ,
I'm printing from photo deluxe home edition and I forgot to say that the glossy paper is not spat out, it's that the plain paper is loaded on top of it..not fully on top ..about half way on top. If that makes any sense to you.It's as though the printer thinks that the first sheet is full and has been ejected
Somewhere within PhotoDeluxe Home Edition there should be something like 'Page Properties' or similar. Click on it and check that the program thinks you're using A4 paper.

Then, when you go to File > Print (or press Ctrl and P together) go into the printer's properties and check that A4 is also shown there. (I suspect it might not be. I sometimes forget to confirm that with my own Canon printer).

If you continue to get the problem, create a blank A4 document in Word (or whichever other word processor you use) and import the photo into it. Then try to print the document (again taking care to check that A4 is also set within the printer's settings) . If that works you'll know that your problem lies with PhotoDeluxe. If it doesn't then it's more likely that the problem lies with the printer.

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Photos Print On Two Sheets

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