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charliesteve | 05:29 Wed 16th May 2018 | Technology
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Hi, I have cracked my screen on my laptop and only the top half is now clear enough to see. Is it possible to send to an outside monitor so I can still use my databases that are on it?


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You can certainly do it but you'd need to check the type of connection offered by your laptop, so that you can ensure you've got the correct type of cable. Some modern laptops might have HDMI ports (illustrated at the bottom of my picture), whereas older ones might have a VGA port (at the top of my picture):

You might also encounter a display port, like this one (although they're much rarer):

With some laptops the picture won't appear straight away when you plug in an external monitor. You have to switch the output by looking for the function key with a monitor symbol on it, like one of those illustrated here
and pressing it at the same time as the 'Fn' key.
Just to add to what Chris has said - if your laptop does have a HDMI port, you can simply connect it to your TV ... you just need the appropriate lead (HDMI connectors on both ends and long enough to reach the TV).
You can buy a new screen for your laptop and fit it. It is an easy job, I have done it myself. Remove the bezel that holds the screen and the entire screen can be carefully lifted out,it is connected to the laptop body by a single connector on a short wire. Disconnect the old screen and connect the new one ,then put it back and replace the bezel. Replacement screens are £15 to £40 depending on the model. eBay will have one for your laptop and cheaper than a computer repair shop. Of course you can just take it to a repair shop and they will do it all , but it will cost more.

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