How Do I Change The Name Of A Drive?

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Jackdaw33 | 00:26 Wed 16th May 2018 | Technology
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I have just bought an external HD. I have two other USB devices, rarely plugged in, which both show up as drive E, as does the new one. This is confusing and I would like to rename them all so that I can recognise which is which, if that is possible.


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1) Operating system
2) Version
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Thanks for your reply but that is meaningless to me. I need step by step instructions.
I've got my USB devices labelled as things like 'Yellow Drv', 'Red Drv' etc.

Simply go to 'Computer', right-click on the icon for a drive and select 'Rename'.

Type in the new name and hit 'Enter'.

The drive will always appear with its new name in the future.
Seriously? You don't know what operating system your computer is running?
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But how do you get to computer (W 100)?
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I may have misunderstood, Gos. I thought you were offering a solution, not asking for info. Windows 10, Google Chrome.
Windows 10 has renamed 'Computer' to 'This PC'

Click the File Explorer icon at the foot of your screen. Then click on 'This PC'.
You can do many things in the drive manager.
Or is it disk manager. On tablet not PC so can't just try it to check. One of those anyway.
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How Do I Change The Name Of A Drive?

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