Google Search Hijacked By Yahoo.

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zingo1327 | 19:43 Wed 11th Apr 2018 | Technology
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When I open firefox the google home page appears as i had it set up to do. I used to search for "whatever" and google did the business.Now when i type in a search request in google the yahoo program takes over. I didn't download yahoo and i have deleted every trace of it but still it takes over.How can i get back google as I had it before.
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Go into your browser settings and it shows the default search engines - you can modify the list
You can then use the 'Manage search engines' facility
The easiest way to access the relevant settings is simply to type something into the search box at the top right of a page. (Just a single letter will do). You'll then see a list of search areas appear underneath. Below those you'll see 'Change Search Settings'. Click on that and then change your default search engine to Google.
You don't have to download Yahoo, I don't see how you can. Something you've installed has changed your search settings. Perhaps a box wasn't unticked.
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Hi guys. Yahoo still hijacking google.
I start firefox and google comes up as my default. I've clicked Tools,options,search and deleted all except Google.
I've put a single letter in the top right hand side and deleted all search engines except Google.
The only thing I haven't tried is Manage search engine facility. Where is it hiding. (idiots guide please)
>>> I've put a single letter in the top right hand side and deleted all search engines except Google

But have you actually changed the default search engine? If that still shows 'Yahoo' you'll still be using it.

If all else fails . . .
1. Click the hamburger (three lines, top right)
2. Select 'Add-ons'
3. If it's not already pre-selected, click on 'Extensions'
4. Write down the names of any extensions that you've got installed and wish to retain (such as AdBlock Plus or whatever else you use) because you're about to temporarily remove them.
5. Click the hamburger.
6. Click 'Help'
7. Click 'Troubleshooting Information'
8. Click 'Refresh Firefox' (top right)
9. After you've refreshed Firefox (which takes it back to its 'out of the box' state but retains important things like your bookmarks), click the hamburger
10. Click 'Add-ons'
11. Select 'Extensions'
12. Use the search box (top right) to find the extensions you want to put back and re-install them
13. Have a long cool drink!

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Google Search Hijacked By Yahoo.

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