Saving Voice Memos From My Iphone 7 Plus To Itunes

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SurreyGuy | 19:00 Tue 10th Apr 2018 | Technology
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If I save my voice memos from my iPhone 7 Plus to my iTunes (on my laptop) and then delete them from my phone, what will happen when I then sync my phone with my iTunes, i.e. will the phone try to wipe the voice memos from my iTunes or will my iTunes try to put the voice memos back onto my phone?

Ultimately, I want them to stay on my iTunes (on my laptop) and not on my phone.


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It would try..... but you can choose what you sync if you delve into the settings. I would do it from the laptop menu as it is easier to navigate.
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Thanks Togo.

I'm not great with tech, but I do not that as soon as I plug my phone into my laptop, it auto syncs.
On your laptop you should find a little ipod icon(top left) click on this and you can set the sync menu to manual rather than automatic. You will need your ipod connected and on. You can stop the sync even though it will launch when you switch the ipod on.
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Thanks Togo. My question relates to my iPhone 7 Plus, not an iPod, so will the theory of what you've explained be the same?
It should be I expect SurreyGuy, once your phone is paired and sharing with the lappie it should show in devices in the sub menu under "File". (top left in iTunes)
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OK - thanks Togo.
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Saving Voice Memos From My Iphone 7 Plus To Itunes

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