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ro2124 | 14:30 Tue 10th Apr 2018 | Technology
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Got a frustrating problem with phone internet connection was driving me crazy.
I recently passed through Germany and was nice to see the airports and railway stations now have free wifi.
I connected my phone to the free services and it says connected but absolutely no data coming through.
Well I had another phone also Android 6 and it was no problem whatsoever, just can not understand why one phone won't let data through and the other one also is Android 6 will.
Oh yeah the phone that won't let data through on free Wi-Fi works perfectly well on a friends Wi-Fi in Germany
Just seems problem with the free services on that one phone, any idea why this could be?


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Start here:

The first thing to try from that list is a 'soft reset' of your phone.

If that doesn't work, try 'forgetting' the network and then reconnecting to it.

It that doesn't work, try using a static IP address for your phone.
I pass through German airports quite often.

In addition to Buenchico's advice (always very good advice), the following may help.

Usually, once you connect to the wifi service, you are not authorised to use the service until you have logged in (I'll get to that in a moment).

On a phone, it will often bring up a window or alert, as soon as you connect to the service. That alert requests that you sign in. On my Mac, that window should pop up automatically, but often does not, so I sometimes have to launch a new browser, and then it usually pops up.

If it doesn't I sometimes switch off wifi and then switch it on again, and try to log in to a particular page. That often triggers the login box. I sometimes have to disable my pop-up blockers as well.

Once you have the login thing, it asks for an email address, or sometimes your phone number I have a series of disposable email addresses I use for that purpose, as they are spam-attractors, though that should change after May of this year when the GDPR rules come in.

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Yeah the log in thing could be the prob.I recall on the phone that worked was asked for email on the other one not, just connected but no data

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Wifi Connect Problem

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