Can I Copy From A Sky Q Box ?

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CW1 | 10:59 Mon 02nd Apr 2018 | Technology
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Have recorded a programme on my SKY Q box for a neighbour who'd like to be able to keep it so would like to get it transferred to a memory stick or DVD. I haven't found anything in a menu on SKY to be able to copy but I did notice there's a USB port at the back of the box. What's that for ? Could I put a memory stick in there ?


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The USB slots on Sky boxes are not enabled.

They don't do anything but Sky say they are there for "future developments" but they have been saying this for years.
I believe with a Sky Q box (I don't have one) you can download some programs to a tablet or smartphone.

Maybe you could do that?

Also if the neighbour has a computer they could logon to Sky Go with your Sky logon details and watch the program that way.

I am not sure they can then keep it though (unless they know a way of recording a video being show on their computer).
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Thanks Guilbert53. I haven't tried downloading to a smart phone but he'd want to watch it on his big screen tv anyway. He's a serious technophobe (I have to put phone numbers in his contacts on his phone) & doesn't know what the Internet is.

I did guess it wouldn't be possible, but when I had a Virgin box there was a facility on there to copy to DVD so was hoping there might be a way. Can't get Virgin now (am a bit out in the sticks), & only have SKY reluctantly.
Is it by any chance on Youtube ?

Whats the series ?

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Can I Copy From A Sky Q Box ?

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