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countrykid | 13:07 Sat 24th Mar 2018 | Technology
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A few months ago I set up a Broadcast Group on WhatsApp with about 40 recipients. I'm not sure if a recipient can remove themselves from the group, so in my initial message I explained I'd happily remove anyone that at any stage did not wish to continue receiving messages. Since then some people have asked to be removed, and I've deleted them from the Group - no problem.
I'm aware that a singe "tick" appears to show a message was sent, two white or grey ticks when its been received and two blue ticks when its been read. Obviously I've not checked that everyone has received/read messages but I've recently become aware that quite a few messages spread across the last couple of months show a single tick only, suggesting they have not been delivered. Its not all recipients, just some. Some show two grey or white ticks so I guess they've just decided not to open the message, which is fine.
So for all the messages which have a single tick, might it be that they have chosen to "block" my number? I say this because I've sent a one-off message to one of the recipients and this also shows just a single tick.
I'm thinking of sending out a normal text message to all in the group to ask if they are still happy to be included and to mention that for whatever reason, some messages have not been delivered, but I'd rather have a bit of knowledge prior to this about if it's simply that the recipient has blocked my number rather than asking me to remove them from the group.
I'm presuming that if someone does block a sender, the block only relates to WhatsApp - i.e. they can still receive a phone call or text in the normal way?
Any advice appreciated


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Yes, single ticks are consistent with numbers being blocked. It could also be because they left WhatsApp altogether, or because they haven't had a connection, for whatever reason (phone off, no WiFi for ages, etc.)

WhatsApp and a few other, similar, services tend to avoid wanting people to know if they have been specifically blocked or not, rather than not replying for any other reason.

Also, yes -- blocking someone on WhatsApp doesn't block someone everywhere else as well. Of course, they can also have blocked your number on their phone altogether.
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Thanks jim360, appreciate your quick response. I think I’ll give it a week or so and then go through the list and simply delete from the broadcast group those that have a single tick against messages sent in the passed few weeks.
They can delete themselves.
When I first got the app and wasn't sure about it I opted to sort all in the directory into sensible groups. Family, Tradesfolk, Work, etc.. Had no inkling that what I was really doing was making broadcast groups. Most uninstinctive. The tradesfolk soon removed themselves.
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Old_Geezer - In WhatsApp you can create two types of Groups". One is simply called "Group" and the other is a "Broadcast Group". I got confused with this and initially did what you did and created a "Group"! The difference between the two is significant. In a "Group" every recipient can see all the group members contact number and also they receive replies that any member sends back to the original sender. Members can remove themselves from this type of group. However, in a Broadcast Group each recipient simply receives the senders message. They cannot see any other members details and any reply they send can only be seen by the original sender. In short it is simply a neat way to send messages on a regular basis to the same group of people. To my knowledge a group member cannot remove themselves because actually they are not really aware they are in a group. Hope this helps, and enables you to set up a Broadcast Group if you want to

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