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ro2124 | 20:27 Sun 18th Mar 2018 | Technology
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Although Android is generally more reliable than Windows there is one aspect which is driving me nuts.
Didn't happen with the older versions but with the newer versions ( I have Android 6) ,has this irritating thing when you try to install some apps you get this annoying message saying overlay detected and to get the apo instalked then you have to go to the settings and fiddle around with all the overlay stuff.
Still haven't figured out exactly how that works I end up clicking on everything in bleedin sight and eventually get the bloody thing to work. Whoever thought up this crap is beyond me.
Can anyone explain to me the easiest way to deal with that irritating ***.


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See if this helps:
21:17 Sun 18th Mar 2018
I have an Android phone, and have no idea what you are talking about. Perhaps your device is faulty.
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Well as I said problem is only with newer versions.and only happens with some apps. Butvas there is advice oage this probkem obviously does exist .
think your predictive text is broke too lol
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Errm no its not that, its my crap typing. Well these phone keyboards are a pain being so small,easy to make mistakes, which you should know.Normally check before sending but forgot to do that this time.
So ok , I been naughty and will stand in the corner for 10 mins ok.
Sounds to me like you're blaming Android for a fault with the heavily modified version supplied by your phone manufacturer. Very few phones come with pure Android. I've never come across the issue you describe.
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Well looking at the other advice page you could be partly right.
My phone does not have modified version of Android but it does seem that it is actually to do with the phones.
It seems these problems occur with certain makes of phones
>>My phone does not have modified version of Android

Most phones are shipped with a modified version of Android.

Basically Google (who make Android) produce a "pure" Android and then give it to Samsung, HTC, Sony etc who then all modify it, change some icons, add or remove some apps or features and so on, so they can ship their own "tailored" Android.

Google Phones (Pixel XL for example) run pure Android, and I think the new Nokia Android phones run pure Android, but most other phones don't.

This is why there is a delay in shipping the latest version of Android on phones like Samsung etc., it is because they are tailoring and testing the new version before they ship it.

It is also why older phones don't run the latest version of Android, because it is a lot of work for companies like Samsung to do it, and on older phones it is not worth it.
i think "Gizmonster" deserves a best answer mate ..
//// i think "Gizmonster" deserves a best answer mate .. ////

.... aaaaawww .... shucks - I've gone all shy now :)
Question Author
Yes you could well be right but look what you've done, you've made gizmonster all shy and Coy.
But that article link certainly was useful to make it easier to solve.

Also Guilbert gave some useful information I didn't know some of those things.
Anyway looking at all of that stuff, looks like some phones are the problems,so guess one is stuck with those overlay problems at times And have to keep fiddling. Grrrr

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