Windows Update Problem.

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EDDIE51 | 15:58 Thu 15th Mar 2018 | Technology
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The last 3 times after I have installed windows updates the Laptop refuses to download photos from my phone.(Galaxy 7) It works again after I do a system restore. Is this normal? Also does the system restore 'undo' the update? It always restores to the point just before the update.


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System Restore takes your laptop's registry back to how it was on the relevant date. So anything installed since then (including Windows updates) will no longer be present.

How are you trying to download images from your phone. With dedicated software or simply by using Windows Explorer? Does your phone appear as a drive when you go to 'Computer'?
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I plug it in and the phone logo appears. Chrome not explorer.
It always takes a long time to download photos. But after the updates it does not download at all.
My reference to 'Explorer' was to 'Windows Explorer', rather than to 'Internet Explorer'. (Windows Explorer is what you use to view the contents of folders, and to move files between them).

After you've plugged your phone in (and perhaps waiting a short while), go to 'Computer' to see if your phone is shown as a drive there. If it is, you can double-click on it (and on any relevant folder names) and simply drag-&-drop your image files to your chosen location on your laptop.

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Windows Update Problem.

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