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countrykid | 20:47 Mon 12th Mar 2018 | Technology
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I wanted to delete my Google search history and using my laptop did this in "My Google Activity". It gave a message saying this would delete the searches from my Google Account. It seems I was wrong in thinking the data would no longer be visible if I checked My Google Activity using another device such as my android phone or ipad. All the search data was still there. In short it seems to delete the data from the device being used to do the deleting and NOT the account. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way that does delete the Google Search Data from the account in such a way that it is no longer visible from any device logged in to that google account


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It's always per device as far as I know. You don't have an account with Google do you?
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Yes I do have a Google Account - Gmail, Google Contacts etc, and when going in to my account and selecting My Google Activity, I've made sure I am in the account linked to the same gmail address
>>>It's always per device as far as I know.

I think you are getting confused between the BROWSER history and all your Google account activity.

You get to the Google Account activity as follows.

1) On Chrome (while logged on to a Gmail account) select the little square in the top right with the nine small boxes

2) This brings up a number of icons such as YouTube, GMail etc.

3) Select the My Account icon (shaped like a shield)

4) This brings up the My Account page

5) Near the bottom of the page is a Go to My Activity option. Select this.

6) Here it shows ALL the activity on your Google Account (on Windows, Android smartphone, searches etc

7) Select "Delete Activity By" on the left.

8) Where it says "Delete by Date" in the Today fields select "All Time"

9) Press the Delete button.

10) Go back to your My Activity page and all the activity will have gone.

Note this is NOT deleting data particular to your BROWSER it is deleting activity related to your GOOGLE ACCOUNT.
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Thanks Gilbert I’ll take a look and report back tomorrow
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Guilbert53 I've checked out what you said. I can go into my google account on Ipad, PC or Android phone and see the full history of my google searches - each device displaying identical search data so I take this to be specific to my google account and not browser history. Using the procedure given, via My Google Activity I can delete all the data and when going back to look in My Activity it has gone. However, it has only "gone" on the device used to delete it. I can have My Google account open on all three devices showing the search history and it does not delete on the other two devices. I tried refreshing the page, logging out and back in, but the search history remains visible on the device not used to do the deleting. So I'm still puzzled.

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Deleting Google Search History - My Google Activity

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