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ro2124 | 21:57 Sat 03rd Mar 2018 | Technology
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One of the most useful things on Android I find are the voice options. especially the speech-to-text apps, since my typing is rathet crap....and theyre free too.

however such a prog or app does not seem to exist on Windows 10, which would be useful.
well there is a Microsoft voice option but like most things Microsoft is completely bloody useless.
does anyone know if there is a reliable voice type program for Windows 10?
well I know there is a program called Dragon dictate but that is quite costly and requires large disc space.
apart from that could not find any other options , so any ideas??


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Hi ro

I don't use Windows (Prefer Macs). But I have used voice-to-text over the years and nowadays the technology is excellent, having improved massively in the last three years or so. However, it needs to be an online service; not self-contained on your own computer.

When I transcribe hour-long interviews, I now rely pretty much exclusively on the Mac voice-to-text. I listen to the interview through headphones then pause and speak a sentence or phrase very clearly into the mic. The software checks it against a database held on the internet and then spews out the text. It's very accurate. Maybe 93-98% accurate.

It gets some proper nouns wrong; and it sometimes mis-interprets jargon. But once you have learned its foibles, it is better, faster and more accurate than typing. And cheaper (being free).

To answer your question, this thread offers some suggestions for those who want to convert from Mac to Win in the context of voice to text:

So, yes, it is possible, and reliably so . But you may need to find the right service. Definitely use a free online service, rather than a paid-for proprietary package.
Just tried a quick web search, and this one seems pretty good:

It requires Chrome as the browser, but it is free and works on all platforms...
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Ok thanks guys will look into that.and agree on line is best, although somerimes having offline app can be useful when travelling which I do a lot and Internet can be crap and slow, like where I am now in Dominican Rep.
Lousy 2 mbps.

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Windows 10 Voice Apps

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