Copying Names From Computer Folder

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joggerjayne | 16:17 Tue 27th Feb 2018 | Technology
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How can I explain this.

So, on a Windows PC

You go into a Documents folder, and there you a list of all the documents contained in the folder. In my case, it's a list of (hundreds of) Word documents.

The first column is all the names of the Word documents.

The remaining columns are information, such as the date modified, type, size, etc. I'm not concerned with any of these "other" columns.

Okay, the list of document names in the first column ...

Is there any way that I can copy the whole list of document names, and then paste the list into a Word document, or an Excel spreadsheet ... so that the Word document or Excel spreadsheet would then contain a list of all the documents in the folder?


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On the mac you can select all, copy and paste - and get exactly what you want.

There is a way to do it in windows using the command prompt.
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Tuvok ...

Thank you for taking the time to reply.

J x
Make a bat file in the folder and run it to get the file names. If you are not familiar with DOS, you can create a txt file by right click the mouse the that folder, ten "New", "Text Document", type "dir/b > a.txt" in the txt file and save as bat file (Click "File", "Save as", "Save as type:All files", "File name: All.bat", "Save"), run the bat file, you will get a file named "a.txt" containing all the file names, open it and copy all the texts the paste them in to Excel.
If you want to get all the files in sub folders, replace dir/b with dir/b/s.

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Copying Names From Computer Folder

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