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Mr-H | 20:23 Sun 18th Feb 2018 | Technology
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My daughter has just bought a Google Chromebook, to replace a laptop lost in a house fire along with almost all of her personal possessions. I have many photographs of her children on my laptop, but although I put them on a USB stick, her Chromebook won’t read them. What can I do please? How do I let her have the pictures?


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You may need to tell us how the photos are stored and formatted on your laptop, and subsequently saved. Then we will need to know what is available on your Daughter's chromebook for photo files.
If your daughter was used to Windows on a laptop then I am not sure a Chromebook is a good idea.

Chromebooks don't run Windows so cannot run Windows software.

Chromebook computers have VERY small hard disks (in fact they don't have hard disks they have SSDs - Solid State Drives - like in tablets and smartphones, but these are VERY small (compared to hard disks)

The idea with Chromebooks is that you don't keep much on the computer you keep it in the "cloud".

While I don't have a Chromebook I assume you keep photos in the cloud on Google Photos.

To keep things simple it may be best for her to get another Windows laptop.
One of the things that Google provide to place thing in the cloud is Google Drive. They also have Google Photos, where photos can be stored in the cloud (Drive and Photos sort of work together).

While I have not used a Chromebook I assume your daughter will have Google Drive on her Chromebook so files are stored in the cloud rather than on her Chromebook.

Now if you have a laptop you can install Google Drive on YOUR laptop. You can then copy all these photo up to Google Drive / Google Photos.

Then you can SHARE these photos with anyone you like.

So you could share them with your daughter so she can SEE them on her Chromebook but they wont be actually stored on her Chromebook.

I am not sure if you are aware but if either of your have an Android phone then any photos taken on an Android phone are automatically uploaded to Google Photos in the cloud.

You can logon to Google Photos on the web here (using your normal gmail address that you have on your Android phone)

Storing the photos in Google Photos means they will not need to be stored on the actual Chromebook.
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Many thanks for these replies guys, now I need to understand them before I take action. It looks to me as though the easiest would be to install Google Drive on my laptop etc.

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Windows10 To Google Chromebook

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