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kloofnek | 16:38 Wed 14th Feb 2018 | Technology
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I have just come to use my Asus EeeBook x205TA after being away for a month,on plugging in the charger to the mains,found to my surprise,the little light on the mains plug is red .it was always blue!!!
Any idea why this has happened???


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Is it charging ?
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Well,the little USB port appears to be damaged as I cannot get the charger in it,I tried it in my phone and it went in ok and it started charging it,so it obviously still works.Can't understand how the port became damaged as it was ok wen I went away.But I can't understand the change in light colour,..strange!!!
You need to get your Asus to charger light is always red ?
Red is 'Charging'

Blue is 'Charged'

[ usually ]
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It was always blue,never changed colour,Anyway have ordered a new one from Asus and having a new port put in the netbook.But still puzzling!!
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Thank you for replies.Have nice evening.
My Acer is red when it's charging and goes green when it's fully charged.
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Diddly,mine has ALWAYS been blue and never changed colour,why after two years,it decides wouldn't know,very strange.Maybe it was a faulty charger from the beginning, although charged ok.

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Light On Laptop Charger

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