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handygran | 11:09 Tue 16th Jan 2018 | Technology
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We have a Panasonic Viera 42" TV a few times a day a message comes on screen saying Tv will switch off in 3 mins. I can use handset to turn message off and then tv does not switch off but how do I stop message coming up at all?


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You've got auto standby switched on. You need to go in to the menu settings and disable it
i hope someone answers this as mine does the same, especially if i can't get to the handset quick enough..
We have one that automatically switches channel unless we manage to hit any button on the remote and I don't know how to stop it either.
I think you may find that the TV has a "No activity for 3 hours" function that puts the TV into impending auto switch off if there has been no activity( no signals from remote or TV manual controls) for the mentioned 3 hours. This is to prevent the TV being left on inadvertently. Not sure whether you can reset it or turn it off but I will have a quick look.
Zebo, have you got a recorder connected your tv? If so, when you set a recording do you set it 'record and remind' which makes the tv change to the selected recording channel automatically?
No activity for 3 Hours function from Instruction Manual.

//To conserve energy, the TV automatically turns off when no operation of remote and side
panel key continues for more than 3 hours. (Stay on/Power TV off)
•Not in use when "Auto power on" or "On/Off Timer" is set, or while "PC input" is selected.
•"No activity for 3 hours was activated" will be displayed for about 10 seconds when the TV
is turned on for the first time after the power was turned off by "No activity for 3 hours".
•The on-screen display will flash 3, 2 and 1 to indicate the last three (3) remaining minutes prior to the shut-off.
I have that on my tv. So I either click the button or I turn the telly back big deal.
It would seem that the "No activity for 3 hours" function can only be turned off by the "Auto Power On" function being selected. Or if the PC Input mode is on.

From the Manual. Auto Power On.

//Turns TV On automatically when the cable box or connected device is turned On. (No/Yes)
TV AC cord must be plugged into this device. TV turns on every time the power is restored.//
This not a big problem. If you were to go out and forget to turn the tv off then it would do it for you after it's been on for a certain length of time to save energy. When it comes on during the day just press exit.I would leave it as it is.
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Thank you for all your answers.
It is a REALLY annoying default. If you ever go back to factory settings it'll return. Manufacturers must pee their knickers with laughter for hours on end thinking of how they imposed that on everyone just to cause maximum annoyance. Typical of the times, though.
It is not really annoying least not for us. The only time it can be a bit disconcerting is if you have left the room to go to the loo or a top up and the TV goes to sleep whilst you are out. No chance either of leaving it running all night, or on whilst you are out. Not sure but I think it is a "feature" introduced to pacify the energy conservationalists at Brussels hq.
Ah, I've heard that phrase before somewhere. "It's not a bug, it's a feature !"
Lol. Mind you I love my Panasonic 58inch 4K UHD LED TV. Lovely kit.

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Tv Switching Off

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