Burning Mp3S To Disc.

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anotheoldgit | 16:10 Sat 13th Jan 2018 | Technology
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I wish to burn some of my MP3 collection to CD discs via Windows Media Player.

It tell me to drag them into the burn section, but the trouble being to do that you have to open up two windows one Media Player the other the page with all one's MP3s on.

Which means that one can only have two half pages displayed, so one can only select those MP3 files that are on that half page.

Can anyone tell me where I am going wrong please?


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If you click on a single entry in your list and then CTRL+A, it will select all the files. If you only want a selection you can click one then, holding SHIFT click another one, it will select all between. Individual files can be selected with CTRL+click.
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To see all of your MP3 files listed you DON'T need to open WMP at all. Simply go to the folder where they're located. (If you've used the default location, click the Start button and then on Music. Otherwise navigate to the relevant folder in the usual way and double-click to open it).

Then open WMP alongside the music window and drag files from your music collection to the subset which you wish to burn.

However WMP is pathetic software anyway. It started out as a badly-designed media player and then had an equally-bad disc-burning facility bolted onto it.

Use the world's most popular media player to play your audio and video files
and the world's most popular disc-burning software to get them onto CDs
Note on the window showing the mp3s choose the Edit menu then Select All.

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Burning Mp3S To Disc.

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