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Bazile | 16:05 Sat 13th Jan 2018 | Technology
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When I press my chrome app , it goes directly to this message page saying my device is infected and to download xxxx to clear it

It sometimes also happens when I'm already on a website

How can I get rid of this infuriating thing ?


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found this answer on the web give it a try

Open chrome menu, goto recent tabs, press and hold the tab until you get option to close tab. Once you have closed out any and all dodgy tabs, go into apps, chrome, and clear cache/data

Erik2's post is sound and definitely worth trying.

Otherwise try Malwarebytes:
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Thanks both
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Do i have to back up any files before running malwarebytes or does it do what it does without affecting anything stored on my phone ?
no back up needed with malwarebytes

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Chrome - Mobile Phone

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