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ro2124 | 14:40 Sun 31st Dec 2017 | Technology
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Anyone know anything about recoding videos. I have been using xmedia recode mostly for MP4 files , which are no problem.
but everytime I try to recode avi files I end up with a file double the original size.Weird and no idea how to solve it.


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Hi ro
It's all about the CODECs. (bear with me here)

Both MP4 and AVI are merely containers for compressed video files. You can compress video in a wide range of methods, some of which occupy more or less space on a disk than others.

Compression is there to speed up data transfer, reduce the space on the disk and generally make the video files easier to manage.

More compression generally means smaller disk files, but the video quality will suffer in one way or another (resolution / frame rate / more noise / whatever)

The amount of compression is defined by the CODEC (stands for enCoder-Decoder).

When you convert a raw video file to AVI or MP4, the software uses a specific CODEC to do that. The resulting file size depends on the codec that is used.

Typical CODECS include:
H.265/MPEG-H HEVC codecs
H.264/MPEG-4 AVC codecs
H.263/MPEG-4 Part 2 codecs
H.262/MPEG-2 codecs
Microsoft codecs.

So the CODEC used in your MP4 compression software is probably different from the CODEC used in the AVI compression.

Somewhere in the software settings you may well find a way to select the specific CODEC used.

There's more information here:

Good luck
Question Author
Thanks I think I'll need it.
guess I should have been more accurate the first post what I actually did is use another container MP4 and I more than halved bitrate setting,from 6400 to 3000, which in theory should give me about half the original file size , instead it's double the size. confusion reigns
Without a bit more information about the codecs (and hardware) you are using it's a bit difficult to help.

this page gives the formats and codecs available to XMedia

There are also various codec packs available online.

Since Xmedia is Windows only, I guess you are on Windows. UNfortunately, I use Macs, so can't reproduce the problem.

Maybe download a few more codecs and play around with the settings.

There are also some helpful links out there:

Sorry, can't be of much more help

Question Author
Ok thanks for all that..oh yeah and happy new year

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Recoding Video Files

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