Email Received In Quadruplicate

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David H | 23:30 Fri 22nd Dec 2017 | Technology
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My mother's Gmail account often receives emails through Windows Live four times, once normally, then through important and two more methods, sometimes repeating the process later making eight in total. My Windows Live using @Ntlworld sometimes downloads the last few year's worth of emails four times as well from the online cache it keeps unless I delete them one by one. It is clearly not restricted to Gmail as it happens on more than one system when transferring to Windows Live Mail. Is there any way to fix it? My total went from 10,000 to over 40,000.


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Sounds like it may be a poor connection ensuring a confirmation of receipt isn't getting through and so the server downloads again next check. Any way of checking the connection ?
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Not sure. The wifi comes from downstairs and apart from the usual disconnections occasionally seems to have a solid signal. We'll keep investigating. Mine here is ethernet and still does it.

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Email Received In Quadruplicate

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