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Jaimsieboy | 20:59 Fri 22nd Dec 2017 | Technology
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I recently hit a wrong key on my pc keyboard and the Home Page (sorry don't know the proper name for it) which lists and show all the programmes like The Word, Nero e.g. went awry and all the programme short cut icons also went all over the screen.
After getting all the short cut programme icons back in position on the Home Page, there is about a 12mm gap down the L/H side of my my monitor plus there is a "Bulldog" programme underneath the Home Page and I cannot access it to get rid of it.
Any ideas on how I can get rid of this Bulldog programme plus get my Home Page back to the full width of my monitor ?
(I have tried "stretching" the Home Page but this 12mm gap still persists) I am using Windows XP.


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Browsers have home pages; do you mean the shortcut icons on your screen before anything's opened ?

Many possible causes. If you don't recognise Bulldog you may have a malware infection. Otherwise check your monitor controls, and the settings in windows for the monitor.
right click mouse you will see view, sort by, refresh, view options
auto arrange or align by grid, take your pick, or use view small icons or large.
By "Home Page" I think you mean "Desktop".

Have you changed your screen resolution?
Control Panel > Display
Down the left-hand side you will see a link to screen resolution - you can change it and see the results without committing to it. See if that's your problem.

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