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countrykid | 17:14 Wed 06th Dec 2017 | Technology
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I've just added "SMS Back Up & Restore App to my old Moto G2 to save all my text messages and the call log, so I can then transfer these over to my new Moto G5S which I'm about to start using. This app gives the option to "save" the messages and Call Log to a cloud service. I chose Google Drive. The files have appeared in Drive but when I open them they are in some kind of code rather than "as written" and thus they cannot be read. The file type is xml and the app info suggests this should be readable using any browser. Am I doing something wrong? Any help appreciated.


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xml is a standard type of message for exchanging data and will be visible in a browser but not as neat clear messages, when you use the restore app on the new phone it will be able to understand the format and turn them into readable messages once again. I assume the app is touted as the ability to transfer between phones and to store them in the cloud so that you can download them again to another new phone but crucially only using the same app
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Thanks Fitzer, your answer is spot on. Fingers crossed I'll be able to get them on the new phone when I get it up and running later today.
Thanks again
Hello, to save the messages in the drive, the format is xml. The messages are still existing in the place, you should find data assistant tool to restore the messages on the phone, and then you can check the messages in a possible way. See how to backup and restore sms on Android phone.
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Thank you anna021 for your helpful answer and sorry for my late acknowledgment. Hadn't realised I'd had another response. The link is very useful
I will introduce a cool app that can help one-click backup and restore, if you want to transfer your SMS, just need to install and run it on your PC, and connect both your G2 and G5S, then choose SMS to backup and restore like this:

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Android App - Sms Back Up & Restore

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