Microsd Card For Garmin Sat-Nav

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jadyn | 18:12 Sun 05th Nov 2017 | Technology
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Not quite sure if this question should be in Motoring or Technology but here goes.

My Garmin sat-nav came with a limited amount of on-board memory to hold the free for life map updates applicable to the device. If I remember rightly, I only downloaded two or three updates before the onboard memory was full.

I've had to install an 8Gb microSD card in the slot at the side of the device to take the updates since then and now I'm having a message that the card is 86% full and it's telling me that I need to insert a new memory card. It looks like the current memory card will not take another update.

I'd like to know if I can merely format the present memory card and just reinsert it into the sat-nav to hold future updates rather than buy a new card. I assume that I'll have to do this when Garmin notify me that a new update becomes available and not before as the present mapping date would be wiped clean. I take it that all the stuff to do with the features and display are stored elsewhere on the device and these wouldn't be affected by formatting the card?

Apologies if I sound a bit naive about this but I've never done this before and I don't want to knacker the sat-nav!

Thank you.


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For less than £10 you can buy a 32GB micro SDHC card, which will future-proof you for any further upgrades and not risk wrecking the card you're currently using. I usually buy my cards from, or Amazon. Get a reputable brand (Sandisk, Lexar and Samsung are my favourites). If your Garmin works with an 8G card it will work with 32GB but not necessarily with anything larger than that.

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Microsd Card For Garmin Sat-Nav

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