Sound on TV video channel

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maxi29 | 08:57 Wed 26th Oct 2005 | Technology
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We're unable to record any programmes at the moment as there's no sound on the AV1 channel that we use to record programmes (and it's a TV problem, nothing to do with the video recorder). None of the other TV channels are affected and all the plugs seem to be in firmly so we're a bit baffled - does anyone have any ideas what else to try?


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Do you mean that your VCR connects to the TV through the AV1 socket only ? Try tuning the TV to the VCR's RF signal - I assume the VCR is connected to the TV via an RF (co-axial) cable so as to supply a terrestrial signal to the TV. If this works then it is probably a problem with the AV1 connection or its settings.

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Where are you getting your signal from?

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Sound on TV video channel

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