Not receiving text messages

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rach912 | 20:55 Tue 25th Oct 2005 | Technology
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I am not receiving any text messages on my phone, I just got my partner to send me one to test and his hasn't come through and my friend has sent one which I haven't got and my delivery reports arent coming through either.

I have signal on my phone and my inbox isn't full, has anyone got any ideas about what to do before I spend a small fortune ringing the helpline?

Big thanks

P.s. I have tried switching my phone on and off!!


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change your network provider to another network then switch it back again
Try taking the battery out and then putting it back together again. It may be of course that the problem is just with the network, in the delivery. They always say that you should expect delivery to take 72 hours. I regularly send texts to my sister that she doesn;t get for hours!! It could be a temporary glitch.. Worry about it if it is still doing it in a few days time..
Can you send messages?

Could simply be network delay.

If the other 2 suggestions don't work, check your message settings - message centre number, message type (this should be SMS, but at the phone shop sometimes they'd be set to something different,)
hi does any1 know why i cant receive any text messages? i can send them fine and make calls.
i am sending messages to someone in palma but im not getting a delivery report and have not had any from them

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Not receiving text messages

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