Replacement Bt Youview Device - And The Recordings On The Old One?

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gl556tr | 09:40 Wed 18th Oct 2017 | Technology
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Further to the saga of my mother having to have the four-month old BT YouView device recently replaced, BT have stated that they want the old one returned. Granted, this is presumably due to their wanting to find the cause of it malfunctioning so soon.
No means of transferring the recordings my mother had stored on the old HDD to the new one was offered by BT. Surely, the HDD contents must be private property, and should, therefore be recognised and treated as such.
As this exchange of BT YouView devices must not be infrequent, should BT not be obliged to hook up old and new HDDs and ensure transfer of recordings, so that such property remains in, this case, my mother's hands?


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I wouldn’t bother returning the old box. They won’t chase you for it.

I’m afraid they won’t be offering to transfer the data. Neither did Sky when the same thing happened to my box when I was with, them.
I am not techie enough to advise you but ask the question is it possible to transfer the contents of the old box to a pen drive & then into the new box ?
No, it isn't, Ron
The advice I gave a friend of mine who’s son featured in a documentary that she wanted to keep, was to video the whole programme and keep it, that way.

Not possible I’m guessing, for loads of stored programmes but, there are always repeats being shown on tv.
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I am not sure which external connections are on BT YouView, but I think there is an USB.
Could one grab all the recordings on the old HDD -- of the malfunctioning BT device -- and copy them either to a PCs HDD or a thumb drive. Then do similar for the new HDD, this time copying from, say, the thumb drive.
There must be a means of grabbing/saving recordings, even if BT don't give a hoot about its customers' **valued, private material**.

When I go to visit my mother, I would like to attempt doing something for her. So, any experience from you helpful TABlers would certainly be appreciated.
Thank you.
We had a YouView Box which died. It took all of our recorded programmes with it and there was NO way of transferring or retieving them.

Your argument that the contents are *private property* is redundant because they are the property of the broadcaster who has chosen to share them with the viewers.

We were miffed but technology sometimes does that......
Same with the Virgin boxes.
Question Author
JtH: I guessed as much. But, I will be preparing some means of retrieving the 'old' recordings, especially as my mother had many which were invaluable to her.
As long as the PC has the ability of reading BT's unknown recoding format, then this transfer I have in mind should work.
Who knows, perhaps one can patent the process - and sell it to BT!
When it comes to customer-friendliness, BT, and similar ISPs, could do so much better.
Buy your mother a DVD recorder so she can record the programmes she wants to keep on to a DVD.
The service providers already have the technology to allow transfer of recordings - indeed you can buy PVRs that make it easy.
The early Virgin boxes made it easy, too.
They deliberately block the ability because they don't want you flogging the copies on eBay.

Nobody has the legal right to permanently own a tv recording, whether it is Freeview or subscription. You have the right to record for later viewing only but you are not going to be prosecuted for keeping a recording and watching it a hundred times but you can't insist that you have the right to.
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HC: Thank you. I agree, as do relatives. But, 'tis a case of "never change a running system", for my mother is a grand dame, having clocked up over 90 years.
It has taken her a while to get accustomed to the awkward BT monster. I would much rather have a TV set + attached DVD recorder or DVD RAMs, much akin to the old TV + VCR.
'Twould be too much stress for her.
Did she buy the box or was it provided as part of the BT package? Don't mess with it unless she owns it
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HC: I'm not sure. I think they did for the first "BT Vision", even when forced to have the all-new, YouView. But a wonderful neighbour put matters straight for my mother!
Question Author
HC: oops! But misleading. BT wanted payment.

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Replacement Bt Youview Device - And The Recordings On The Old One?

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