Cant Go To Another Site On P.c

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gina32 | 14:48 Thu 12th Oct 2017 | Technology
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Hi, please can someone help me, didn't know how to explain properly in the title. for some reason my pc wont allow me to go to another site, e.g i want to send an email from a site by clicking on the "email us"also i tried to download an application form from a site and it wouldn't let me do that either. i use chrome and windows 10. many thanks


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An 'e-mail us' link either goes to a page on the website with boxes to fill in, or it expects your PC to be set up to use your e-mail client when the link is pressed. Is it possible that your PC isn't set up to use an e-mail client ?

What happened when you tried to download a form ? Did it give any warnings or something ?
In the early days of the internet, web browsing and sending emails were two entirely separate things. You used a web browser (usually Internet Explorer in those days) to view web pages and an email client (almost always Outlook or Outlook Express in those days) to send emails. So email links in web pages were designed to open Outlook (or Outlook Express) with the the recipient's email address already filled in. Some websites still have that type of email link but such a link won't work if either:
(a) you've not got an email client (such as Thunderbird) on your computer ; or
(b) your computer hasn't been set up with the correct 'file association' to tell it which program to open when you click on a link.

So you could well be clicking on email links which won't work because you've not got an email client installed and configured on your computer. The solution is to RIGHT-click on the link, select 'copy email address', then paste that into the address bar of a blank email which you create elsewhere.

Right-clicking might also solve you problem with downloading files. (Right-click and then select 'Save link as'). A bit of googling though suggests that the problem might clear itself if you empty Chrome's cache:
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my pages have all suddenly gone a little bit short on the screen so i have to drag them across or up slightly, whats going on there, anyone know please.
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old_geezer, when i try and download the form all that happens is an arrow goes down from about 1/4 of the page and that's it!!
Is your screen zoomed in ?
Try pressing control +
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that doesnt do anything, its as if the page is to small for the background
Is the window maximised to fill the screen? (If not, click on the little square at the top right corner).
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yes done the bit about maximizing the page but still about 1/8 of an inch to small
So which browser are you using. (I'm assuming that the problem relates to a window in your web browser, rather than with another program. If I've got that wrong, please tell us which program you're referring to).

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Cant Go To Another Site On P.c

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