Changing Logos On Desktop

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trt | 11:53 Thu 12th Oct 2017 | Technology
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I would like to give my desktop a makeover, with different colourful Logos, is it possible, or an apps I can try?

Thanks folks.


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Thanks Fender,

Some great pics there, but its just the Logos I want for my websites I have on my desktop, instead of the usual boring ones, like A/B etc.
Is this the sort of thing you're looking for?

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Thats the ones bhg thanks.
Should have said Icons not Logos, now I have to find out how to change them!
Without hacking the executables, I think the only ones you can change are for shortcuts to the executables. I may be wrong though, someone will no doubt know better than I. (Desktop icons are usually shortcuts. Right click, choose properties, and look through any tabs.)
Are you using W10 TRT?
If so be aware that you cannot select an image file for icon. You can choose only files that are in .ico format. If you have a picture file which you want to use for a desktop icon, convert the picture file to .ico format. There are free online sites to do this but be careful not to click on free trial or revenue linked sites. When you have chosen which of your saved images you want to convert to .ico yo can do it quite easily in W10 by................
Systems. Settings. Personalisation.
To change the icon, right-click on the icon and choose Properties > customise > change icon.
That is ok bhg but you only get a choice from the images in the windows folder. If you want to customise it totally you need to convert the "images" to .ico.
Question Author
Thanks folks, I am on Win 8.1, and yes I just want to change the shortcut Icon.
togo - I've never actually used those icons, I was pointed to them by someone else. You can create your own icons from jpegs using:

I've usd that and it does work.
Easier to let you read the info than typing up a walk through trt. You need a little bit of savvy and patience though. Good luck.
PS my son had all his bleedin icons set so that no one (me) could identify what site he was on. Little Git.
I know bh but it is still a set of icons supplied by windows. Not a truly personalised image of your own choosing. I am happy not to bother, I have enough trouble remembering the icons in the bookmarks as it is without changing them :))
Plus I also want my avatar image back now. I keep forgetting who am.

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Changing Logos On Desktop

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