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BigRooster | 21:39 Wed 11th Oct 2017 | Technology
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Trying to access my routers settings but when I put in my login and password using it won’t open it just goes back to the login page . Tried speaking to Talktalk but not much help anyone else had this issue.


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The username and password you need to enter aren't the ones for your TalkTalk account (which I suspect you're using).

On most TalkTalk routers (unless you've previously changed them) you just enter 'admin' for both.

On some newer TalkTalk routers you need to look for a sticker on the router to find the password.
Have you kept the box the router came in because it's on there?
I've only just noticed the word 'Super' in the title of yor post. That suggests that you've got an Huawei HG633 or HG635 Super Router. In which case (unless you've already changed them) the username is 'admin' and the password is on a sticker on the back of the router.

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Hi I’ve used the login and password which is on back of the router but when I click login all the details vanish it’s just not allowing me in
Your router was manufactured with 'admin' as both the login and the password. TalkTalk should have changed it to whatever's on the sticker but if they failed to do so 'admin' (twice) should still work. So give that a try.

If you still can't get in, reset the router
and try double 'admin' again.

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Talktalk Super Router Settings

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