Ab Won't Load On My Tablet.

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shaneystar2 | 13:48 Thu 28th Sep 2017 | Technology
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My Samsung Galaxy tablet won't load the AB page. It sticks half way across and then I get a message saying that this web page is unavailable.
It only happens with AB. It was like this when they changed the site so I downloaded an adblocker and it's been fine.
Now it doesn't load again although the adblocker is working.Everything else I use and look at on it is ok apart from AB.
Any suggestions as to how I can rectify this ?


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Good morning biddies from a very sunny but chilly paradise
Good morning all.

Robi. I had avoided statins for ages because, with all my aches and pains and many ologies I couldn't face adding pain from statins. However, when my cholesterol crept up to 7, I told him I would give statins a go. In one month the doc is amazed I am down to 4.3 with no side effects. What is good is that I still eat just as much cheese and chocolate and now eat butter with relish. Like you I go into total meltdown if a doctor requests to see me after a blood test. What I do is ring up and ask the doctor to ring me. Our docs always ring back the same day. I can then ask what it is he wants to see me about and whether ì need to actually see him. I don't think an apptointment has ever been necessary. Saves hours of panic!

Enjoy your cheese on toad!

Good morning. Its blowing an absolute hooligan here. I just went out in the garden and almost got the heavy garden door pulled out of my hand.
I am diabetic with high cholesterol (controlled) high BP low thyroid in fact pretty much everything and gout but I eat whatever I want! I take stations but am just over 200 which is the desired level. I would rather live happily than miserable. I love my food! Luckily I am naturally slim!
Monday upu if anything is going yo kill me it'll be the bamls here
Now it is decided that I cannot deposit money into hija and my joint account as I do not have a card. 8ve done it for years by typing on the account number! As I had to put iher rent mpney ( its her money that I've been guarding) I had to wait for 30 mins to put in our bank and then transfer to her bank! Going backwards this island!!
Good afternoon... been wild again, horizontal rain and low flying wheelie bins. It'll be dark even earlier if the sky's anything to go by. I could happily stay under the duvet all day.

Mophead I haven't given my cholesterol much thought for ages. There seems to be a lot of conflicting medical views and I really don't want statins, it had reduced at the last count, so I try and be reasonable with my diet but I'm not obsessive. I don't drink or smoke...but I'm capable of breathing fire occasionally.

Erm, yes neti...whatever you said.
....goes off to find translation.....
Sorry my typing is getting so bad its since I updated my phone plus rather long scarlet talons impede my typing
Robi, I have quite a few heart issues now and just thought perhaps I should take more precautions. In fact I am falling apart and seem to spend all my time at hospitals and doctor's surgeries. Never a few years back I would get to this stage. I even get Attendance Allowance now!!!
an attendance allowance, my word, PMophead, have you been promoted to the House of Lords and Ladies? I trust you can send your maid in to pick it up.
Morning all...ok, who put itching powder in my pj's last night?
It's bright and sunny... woo.
It shows the dust...not woo.

Every morning someone's wanting to ban something. Today it's chocolate in advent calendars. I've eaten all of those in my sister's and replaced each day with a couple of pain killers. That'll do her much more good.

'Scuse me while I have a good scratch.....
good morning ditto on the bright and sunny comments and I don't intend to do a thing about it. Hub is playing up and is on a go slow. I really do not want to phone BT
Question Author
Morning all
Double ditto on the weather.Lovely to see some sunshine after the last few gloomy days.Breezy though so I put washing out.Nothing exciting here otherwise.
Hope you're all ok.
Stop scratching Robinia :)
Treble ditto on the weather but a tad chilly today.
Had nails done a sparkling mauve makes a change.
Robi you did make me laugh with the advent calendar! I remember as a child they were filled with pictures of Angel's and things much preferred that
Hello biddies everywhere... I have finally got Xmas devs out of storeroom, and they are now under cover on front patio. So many I don't know where to start. I erected my old tree by the pool but I've done it again, I've left out one of the parts (can't find it anywhere!) And it's short and stubby. Hey ho! Then I broke one of my beautiful purple sparkly nails, but girl fitted me in immediately and for free and I now have nails. Wish teeth were as easy to fix!
Am planning on staying at home all day and decorating, it's not as if I have 1000s is decs everywhere, I don't, it's very classy but have to remove all ornaments etc. I can't cope!
Good news re your brother shaney. Hope he has it done asap.
Really warm here today 21° c

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