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bentaxle | 16:10 Sun 17th Sep 2017 | Technology
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Cannot open a cd with NHS Xray files ,it tells me I need MDAC 2.5 sp but not what to do if you are using Windows 7 updated to windows 10 pc
The cd was made in 2013 by the NHS probably I would think on an SP Pc if that's any help


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I can't see why you should see an error message about MDAC 2.5 unless your computer is trying to install software from the CD. i.e. it's possibly got an 'autorun' program on it, which seeks to install a viewing program for the X-ray files.

If so, your best chance of accessing those files might be to forget about the viewing program which the CD seeks to put onto your computer and to install a different one (or perhaps a later version of the same one, which is compatible with Windows 10).

Try this:
Insert the CD into your computer.
If you get the 'MDAC 2.5' warning, simply close the dialogue box.
Go to 'Computer' (or whatever else W10 calls it - I'm still on W7).
RIGHT-click on the icon for the CD and select 'Explore' (or whatever W10 might now call that function).

You should then see the contents of the CD. Have a look around (possibly probinginside folders) to see if you can identify where the X-ray image files are. If you can find them, it will mean that they're stored outside of the program which was trying to install itself onto your computer, so you should be able to access them with alternative software.

Assuming you've managed to get that far, try double-clicking on an X-ray image file, to see if you've already got a suitable viewing program on your computer. If you only get a message telling you that Windows doesn't know which program to open the file with, make a note of the file extension which has been used to save those files with.

Then carry out a web search (or get us to do it for you) to try to find a program which can open those files. Once you've installed such a program, double-clicking on an X-ray image file should then open in it (or you can open the viewing program first and then go to File > Open to access an X-ray).
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Thank you Buenchico for your time I'll give your instructions a try and let you know how I get on
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Well I got as far as folder with the files on the disc then I get you cant open them as they could be archived whatever the mean
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Followed your advice and then down loaded Microdicom and it worked
Thanks again , all the best
Thanks for your post.

I'm pleased you got there in the end!

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