How Can I Remove Avast From My Computer And Replace It With Avg?

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anotheoldgit | 12:49 Wed 13th Sep 2017 | Technology
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I ask this because since I changed from AVG to Avast, I have experienced certain problems.


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what OP are you on?
if so, go into settings (the dots on top left of the screen) and disable.

Never a good idea to have to anti-viruses running together.

If not chrome, please come back and let us know what OP etc you are running
schwepps, top RIGHT
(blooming female, never knowing right from left lol)
Download, install & run Avastclear:

Use the green download button for AVG here:
Run the file to install it.
As Chris says make sure avast is completely gone 1st
Question Author
Thank you for all your answers.


I am using firefox.

Thank you once again Buenchico, but how can I be sure that avast has been completely removed as Bernie has kindly advised?

have you gone into any 'add-ons' aog?

I found getting rid of Avast a total nightmare, would linger in the back-ground and re-surface.
Will ask on of the younger alba's when they get home unless you get a better answer earlier, which I'm sure you will.
ooops, 'one' not 'on'
Question Author

Thank you alba I look forward to any help the younger albas are willing to offer.
hi AOG if you used the avast uninstall utility it should have completely removed avast altogether
AOG, asked one of them last night (other one wasn't available)
He suggested what Berniecuddles2 has said, but said to restart your computer afterwards.

Do hope it's all sorted now.

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How Can I Remove Avast From My Computer And Replace It With Avg?

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