Remove What Looks Like A Row Of Bullets In A Word 2010 Document

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ilovebrie | 12:29 Wed 13th Sep 2017 | Technology
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I have no idea how I managed to do this - the line looks like a continuous row of small bullets. I have tried all sorts of ways with no luck.
Many thanks indeed. I am using a PC and any help would be wonderful


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have you tried just deleting ?
horizontal or vertical ?
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Thanks, both
It's a horizontal line and I have tried deleting. I have even tried copy and paste text to a new document, but it follows me.
Round nose or Hollow point

Microsoft for Dumdummies should help...
Question Author
I have finally removed it. Thanks to anyone who offered help.
what worked?

(Not my answer, obviously, but I had the same problem once and can't remember what I did about it.)
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Select whole document, click 'no border', and bingo! Such a relief.
thanks. Never would have thought of that.

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Remove What Looks Like A Row Of Bullets In A Word 2010 Document

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