How To Optimise Image?

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Sushmita004 | 12:03 Wed 13th Sep 2017 | Technology
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how to optimise image?


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How to optimise image?
Which image?
Moderator's note:
This post has all the hallmarks of being the first part of 2-part spam. If a 'helpful' link to some 'wonder' software appears here, I'll simply delete the thread.

If it's actually a genuine question though, try Irfanview for basic image-editing or GIMP for professional level editing (but with a steep learning curve)
I think one needs to define "optimise" first. What is it that is wanted ?
As you are here Buenchico - If I had an image that my grandaughter drew with the standard paint package - would either of those products you mentioned allow me to 'optimise' it to use as a logo on her web site for her. It is naively cute but obviously 'blocky' - I would like to import it and maybe put it on a much higher resolution.
You might be trying to do the impossible, Quoi, but the second answer here might be worth a try:

GIMP is here:

Online manual here:
Beunchico - much appreciated - I will have a go.

Shows that every 'looks like spam' message isnt always pointless though?
Well done for good moderation too!

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How To Optimise Image?

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