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rockyracoon | 15:02 Sun 10th Sep 2017 | Technology
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We're having Sky Q put in next week. In preparation for this, Sky have sent us a new Sky Q hub for the wifi, they said the older hub that we have is not up to the demands of the Sky Q TV.

Well, I booted the new hub up, yesterday, the signal is not very good and my son, whose bedroom is 2 feet away from where the hub is plugged in, is complaining that video playback is too slow and the picture is bad.

Do you think the hub is faulty, or are they crappier than the older ones? I've plugged the old hub back in so that the moaning stops. Why are these older hubs not up to the job, and what's so special about the new ones?

I'll have to chuck the whole lot back at them at this rate.

Not a happy bunny!


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I may be way off the mark but routers sometimes take a day or so to reach their maximum speed when first switched on. Ask Sky anyway.
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Hmmm, didn't think of that. Though it had been plugged in for 24 hours. Don't know what to do now.

That being said, I think it's more the wifi signal in the house that is weak, not necessarily the speed.
Maybe a stupid answer but once the Sky Q box is in it might be better? We had it put in last year and had to have a new router and we haven't had any trouble and not noticed any difference. Maybe wait and see what happens when the Sky Q box is installed?
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They're not coming til Friday, so there's huge potential for anarchy in this house with crap wifi. I'd rather tell them to cancel the Sky Q as I'm not that interested in it anyway, but the OH has other ideas.
I bet your new router is 'choked' as a default and when the sky installer comes it will be set up for the correct speed for the package you have bought.
I am not on sky but my talk-talk slows to a crawl every now and again and they tell me that it dynamically autosets itself depending on usage to be slower (choked) and they have to reset it for me.
Dont shoot the messenger.
If it's your Wi-Fi speed that is slow the router may be on a channel that is different from your old router and may have a lot of interferance
The new system may need boosters around the house which will be installed as and when needed and included in the cost.

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