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Gizmonster | 22:19 Sun 20th Aug 2017 | Technology
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I didn't realise, until today, that USB sticks can be made to look larger than they actually are .... that would explain why I can't seem to load more MP3 files onto my stick, to play in my car.
I have a stick, that should be 64GB and should have room for lots more files; but I was baffled as to why I had to delete other MP3 files, before I could load other files on to it.
Apparently, placing the stick into your PC/laptop and letting Windows file explorer read it, isn't enough, as the stick can be altered in such a way, that Windows will read it and show the manipulated capacity, not the actual true capacity.

Anyway .... on with my question :)

I know that there are programmes out there that will let you test your USB stick and tell you what the true capacity is.
Well ..... Google brings up lots of different ones and I don't want to download anything without knowing what it is .... so .... can anyone recommend a programme for checking my USB stick in order to determine if it's a fake one?? I'm guessing its true capacity is around 4GB and not the claimed 64GB.

Apparently this sale of fake USB sticks is rife .... especially on Ebay, which is where I got mine from :(


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I got a duff one from there once, but it caused corruption after a certain point rather than claimed to be full.
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Cheers for the replies.
I've heard of that H2testw, but as it was developed aaaaages ago, it's notoriously slow.
I've started scanning a USB stick that's meant t be 64GB .... it's been scanning for 3 hours 1 min and still has 5 hours 4 mins left.
Anyone recommend one that is a bit faster please lol ??

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"fake" Usb Stick - Size Checker

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