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dollymay | 20:04 Sat 12th Aug 2017 | Technology
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I have always had to enter username and password to access my Hotmail account, using Outlook. But recently it has gone straight to my emails when I click on Hotmail without having to enter these, I prefer the security of the previous method. I cant find anything under help - other than to change my password, but cant do this without a 'window' that asks for my password! Any ideas??


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Microsoft stupidly named two different things as 'Outlook'. The first one was (and remains) the standalone email client which most businesses (and many individuals) use to access their emails. (i.e. it has absolutely nothing to do with their web browser). The more recent one is the website, accessed through a web browser, through which Hotmail addresses can be accessed.

So, before we waste your time giving you advice about the wrong 'Outlook', please let us know which one you're referring to. (i.e. are you using the Outlook email client, which has nothing todo with your web browser or are you using your web browser and going to the Outlook website?)
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I log on using Internet explorer, then using the history at the top of the page, scroll down to Not sure if this answers your query. I have Windows 10.
Thanks for your reply.

You're using the Hotmail/Outlook website, rather than the Outlook email client. So it must be Internet Explorer which has stored your login details for that website.

Open Internet Explorer.
Open the Tools menu > Select Internet Options
Click Content > Under AutoComplete, click Settings
Click on Manage Passwords
Click on the Web Credentials Manager
Click on the drop down arrow by the website you want to remove the password for (i.e. Outlook)
Click on Remove

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