Splitting Mp4 Files.

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Mr-H | 06:43 Thu 13th Jul 2017 | Technology
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So, there's my question folks, can it be done? To expand slightly, I have some large MP4 files which I want to be able to split into a number of smaller ones, and pass to friends.


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The problem with using MovieMaker (or indeed, most video editors), is that they will re-render each clip to create the new videos. This is not only incredibly time-consuming, but can also result in degradation.
A dedicated splitter only needs to ensure that the first frame of each section is a complete frame, and change a couple of parameters before rewriting the sections. This takes only a few seconds.
I've just tested this one, and it works very fast and produces perfect results:
Please see my post here:

My post there refers to editing a section from a DVD but the information applies equally to editing a section from an MP4 file. (Simply replace "Play your DVD in VLC", in my 3rd paragraph, with "Play your MP4 file in VLC". Everything else remains the same)

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Splitting Mp4 Files.

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