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Mr-H | 11:53 Sat 24th Jun 2017 | Technology
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If you had a choice of any of these file extensions to use on files you wanted to upload to Facebook or send be email to a friend, which would you use? I’ve been told MP4 but it seems to take for ever! The list is:


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I don't do Facebook, but what you mean to ask is not why file extension rather which file type/video format.

The filesize will vary dependin on the resolution of your video.

Rather than email it why not send it by Dropbox, or Youtube. Alternatively you could use a file transfer site such as mailbigfile or wetransfer.

If you opt for youtube you make the file private and the share it - add the email address of those who can see it - they get a link and sign in with their email to see it.
As you've been told, MP4 is by far the most obvious choice.

AVI is ancient, with massive file sizes.

ASF and WMV are both, like AVI, Windows-based file types, which some video players on non-Windows devices, such as Android phones, might not play well.

QTMOV files are designed to be played with QuickTime and might not play with some other video players.

MPEG is, like the equivalent JPEG for image files, the accepted standard, with MPEG-4 (= MP4) being the 'final release'.

When uploading files you need to remember that:
(a) ADSL technology means that the upload speed available on a phone line is only around one tenth of download speed which can be achieved ; and
(b) you're often limited by the capacity of the receiving server. (So if Facebook, Youtube or whatever is struggling to cope with the number of uploads it's receiving, it won't matter if you've got the fastest upload speed in the world. Your phone or computer can't send the data any faster than the server at the other end can accept it).
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Thanks both - looks a bit like the answer is 'it is what it is, get on with it!' I was uploading at 1.00 pm, maybe it'll be different at midnight?

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Video File Uploads

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