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beegeebee | 19:55 Thu 22nd Jun 2017 | Technology
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Went off for a couple of days on Tuesday. As i was leaving Microsoft said it was updating the PC system to 'The Anniversary Edition'. Returned today unable to even switch on computer!!! Using wife's tablet to input this message. Can any Please,give me a headsup and solv the problem! B.


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>>> Returned today unable to even switch on computer

More information, please. When you press the button to turn your computer on what (if anything happens)?

Is it completely dead (with no fan noise from the computer and a totally blank screen) or do you hear the fan and see something on the screen? (If so, what do you see?)
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Good morning Chris. Many thanks for your response for more info. Have spoken with grandson this morning who said all the power tripped out whilst we were away so he thought to unplug the machine! This plug is to me virtually inaccessible so,idiot I am, just didn't think of it!! Sufficeto say all now ok. Many thanks. B.
That sounds typical of a situation I'd get myself in.
Glad you solved the issue though.
Thanks for your reply.

I couldn't see how a software update could cause a computer to not even go through the initial boot-up processes (as they've got absolutely nothing to do with Windows). That's why I asked my question!

Like O_G, that's the sort of thing I'd do too ;-)

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Microsoft Anniversary Update

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