Memory Stick Problems.

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Bigbad | 16:55 Fri 09th Jun 2017 | Technology
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I like to back up my iTunes library to a memory stick, but the stick I was using was saying there was no room left, despite the fact there was.
So I bought a new, larger capacity stick. Now I’m finding that the songs will transfer, but a lot are transferring with a music note instead of the correct picture, and they won’t play.
Also, if I leave the stick in the computer for any length of time, I get a ‘disc not ejected properly’ message and there are no files left on the stick, but the memory capacity is suggesting there are files stored.

Computer or memory stick(s) problem?


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Did you buy a cheap stick from somewhere dodgy like a bid site ? Some can be fixed to read a greater capacity than they really have by dodgy dealers, and the result is corruption.
Think about using some cloud storage instea Bagbad. You can accessit anywhere and it reduces the risk of using broken or dirty sticks. Google cloud or Box for example.

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No, Old_Geezer. I don’t do cheap and nasty.

Thank you Maydup.
I already have BT Cloud, but because I play music a lot, I like to have at least one more back up option. I’d be gutted if I lost my music files!
I’ve only ever put things in the cloud, never taken anything out, so I’m not really sure how it works. Whereas a memory stick or external hard drive has always worked before.

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Memory Stick Problems.

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